Looking for a Sleep Apnea Expert?

At Zimbi Sleep: Breathing and Wellness, we are a team of hard-working, friendly and innovative people who are dedicated to excellent patient care. Dr. Chad Wagstaff and his team are constantly giving 100% to achieve our highest ambition: delivering health, vitality and wellbeing for the best possible quality of life. We believe that individual qualities such as passion and empathy are what makes us relevant and important to our patients who struggle with sleep apnea in Eden, Utah.

Our honesty, drive and competency will continue to win the hearts and minds of the patients who put their faith in us. We are reliable and professional but above all, we are people. We are individuals who share a passion for others and their good health as we strive to improve the world and serve the communities we live in.

This who we are. This is our practice.

If you have any questions, we invite you to learn more about us by contacting 801-745-1100 today or by scheduling an appointment with our compassionate dentist.